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Upcoming Events

  • Treatment Not Jails Advocacy Day – Thursday, January 27th
    • On Thursday, January 27 the Treatment Not Jail (TNJ) campaign is hosting its first virtual advocacy day to educate legislators about the importance of passing the Treatment Not Jail Act (S.2881B/A.8524). Please join from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for a press conference, meeting prep session, legislative meetings, and debrief session.
    • Mass incarceration is fueled by New York’s failure to provide adequate services to address mental health and substance use needs. Judicial diversion, which allows people to access necessary treatment through the court system, serves only a small percentage of those in need of treatment.
    • By amending the judicial diversion law, the Treatment Not Jail Act expands eligibility for treatment for court-involved individuals and shifts the presumption from incarceration to community support. The Treatment Not Jail Act will ensure that New Yorkers with disabilities and other health-related challenges are provided an opportunity to obtain treatment and support in their communities.
    • Sign up today to join our effort to pass the TNJ Act!