Inside Philanthropy

"Leaving Rikers: What a Foundation is Doing for Women in New York City's Worst Jail" Read an April 2019 article in Inside Philanthropy which talks about WCJA and the effects of mass incarceration on women, girls and transgender and gender nonconforming communities in New York City.


The Beyond Rosies Campaign is a project of the Women’s Community Justice Association (WCJA). Rosie relates to Rose M. Singer facility on Rikers Island and the Beyond Rosie’s Campaign is WCJA’s effort to offer a gender-based, service-enriched response to NYC’s Close Rikers initiative. WCJA, a newly formed non-profit, seeks an experienced and visionary individual to … Continue reading ANNOUNCING NEW POSITION: Campaign Director

The Challenges at Rosie’s

"From Hardship To Healing: The Complicated Journey of Women Incarcerated At Rikers Island" was an article on HuffPost that explored the devastating environment inside of Rosie's, one of the country's worst jails, where 93% of the women behind bars are there for non-violent crimes. You can the read the full article on their website.