In the Know

Incarcerated women:

  • There are approximately 231,000 incarcerated women in the US according to the Prison Policy Initiative, and the rate of incarceration of women is at a historic and global high, with 133 women in correctional facilities per every 100,000 female citizens.
  • About 80% of incarcerated women are mothers.
  • Nearly two-thirds of women in jail are women of color—44% are black, 15% are Hispanic, and 5% are of other racial/ethnic backgrounds—compared to 36% of women who identified as white.
  • 86% of incarcerated women have experienced sexual assault, 77% have experienced partner violence, and 60% have experienced caregiver violence
  • 53% of incarcerated women have some type of medical problem
  • 32% have a serious mental illness
  • 82% have a drug or alcohol addiction or dependency