Herstories — Stories to Close Rosie’s by 2020

Mission: Herstories is an initiative by HousingPlus and the Women’s Community Justice Association to support efforts to close the Rose M. Singer Center at Rikers Island. Herstories is an opportunity for women who have been detained at Rosie’s to tell their stories. For too long, women at Rikers have been overlooked.  Now is the time to make sure women’s voices and experiences are front and center. 

Background: Mayor de Blasio pledged to shut down all of the jails on Rikers Island by 2027. Nine more years is too long to wait for Rosie’s to close—our vision is to Close Rosie’s by 2020.

Outcomes: This project has three goals:

  1. Educate: Tell the real stories of women and the impact that being at Rikers has had on themselves, their families, and community.
  2. Advocate: Work to Close Rosie’s by 2020 — because nine years is too long to wait.
  3. Create: Find new alternatives and opportunities for women who have been impacted by the justice system.

What’s Next: Stories can lead to real change when they reach policy makers, institutions, and the public.